“Life and love the way they should be… Simply Beautiful.” Ethically sourced diamond, exceptional quality, simply beautiful designs. These are the hallmark of the Naledi engagement ring collection. Come explore these fabulous engagement rings in our downtown Dubuque bridal showroom and discover the beauty of Naledi, only at McCoy Jewelers.
1475R Constance
1541R Jacquette
1544R Adrianna
1551R Lexi
1555R Nannette
PLC168 Pippa
PLC400 Annabelle
PLC400P Annabelle
PLC401 Madison
PLC402 Julia
PLC403 Keira
PLC404 Kaylee
PLC452 Jamelia
PLC454 Kristin
PLC457 Petra
PLC55 Jennifer
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Naledi Collection has a beauty that goes far beyond what the eye can see. Ethically sourced diamonds. Exceptional quality. An uncomplicated buying and ownership experience. All these things are as important to us as they are to you. Life and love the way they should be … Simply Beautiful.