Lab Grown 500x500


McCoy Jewelers in downtown Dubuque carries New Dawn Lab Grown Diamonds. At McCoy Jewelers we bring a variety of lab grown diamonds for you to choose from to customize your engagement ring for that special experience.

What you need to know
What makes a Lab Grown Diamond so special in comparison to a mined diamond? Well, Lab Grown Diamonds and mined diamonds are the same. They both share the same physical, chemical, and optical properties. The only difference is their origin. Lab Grown Diamonds are grown in above ground using cutting-edge technology and mined diamonds are found in the ground. They are 100% carbon, exactly like a mined diamond and there is no other intervention once crystal growth begins, therefore “synthetic”, “fake” or “manufactured” are not correct terms for Lab Grown Diamonds. As with roses you would order from a florist, they would not go out to a field and hand pick your bouquet, they would be from a greenhouse. Lab Grown Diamonds are using the same laws of nature to create a diamond, conflict free and in an eco-friendly way while, preserving our environment. Lab Grown Diamonds are also about 30% less money than mined diamonds. At McCoy Jeweler’s we carry New Dawn Lab Grown Diamonds. The team at New Dawn Diamonds sensed an opportunity to combine the love represented by the brilliance and dire of diamonds with a desire to reduce our ecological footprint and help save Mother Earth. New Dawn Diamonds are for you to place in your engagement ring or other fine jewelry with the confidence that you are not stressing the earth, or supporting conflict areas.