Holiday Gift Guide!

We know the holidays can be stressful. So many options, so little time. We have the most impressive gifts at prices to fit everyone’s budget and sure to make you the hero of the holidays!

Gift Ideas $500 +

Mccoy Jeweler Gift Ideas Naledi


From classic diamond earrings to fashionable diamond rings, the Naledi Jewelry Collection offers ideal accents to any woman’s style.


Mccoy Jeweler Gift Ideas Dilamani


Forever Stunning. ... Distinguish yourself with Dilamani. 


Gift Ideas Under $500

Mccoy Jeweler Gift Ideas Bentelli


Bentelli, captures all the important factors of a brand, consisting of silver jewelery all set with the finest quality diamonds at prices everyone can afford.


Mccoy Jeweler Gift Ideas Dog Fever

Dog Fever

One-of- a-kind like the bond between a dog and their owner. An exclusive collection created by a young group of friends from Milan, already experienced in the jewelry and fashion sectors, who decided to join forces and embark on a new adventure, bringing to life to an original and special project.


Gift Ideas Under $100

Mccoy Jeweler Gift Ideas Dubuque Charms

Dubuque Charms

Handcrafted charms from Dubuque Iowa locations!  Great for people local to the city and visitors alike! Carry a piece of Dubuque with you wherever you go!


Mccoy Jeweler Gift Ideas Touched Charms

Touched Charms

These custom charms are the perfect gift for any occasion.  Add a birthstone to make the gift even more unique!