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We have a simple philosophy at McCoy's in regards to buying gold, jewelry & diamonds. Spend less on advertising and pay our customers more!

We refuse to spend thousands on a full page Newspaper, Radio or cable TV ads. Instead we use that money to pay you more for your precious metals and fine jewelry.

How We Pay More

The only way a business can afford to buy thousands in advertising a "Gold Buying" event is by paying you less! They pay for their ads by offering you less for your gold and jewelry. We refuse to do this. We are confident you will like our prices!

Do you have to wait for an "Event" to sell your jewelry?

No. Stop in anytime with your worn, broken or unwanted jewelry for a free no obligation offer. Plus, if you use your recycled metal & gemstones to make a new piece of jewelry you get a bonus!

For more information about gold as an element of jewelry click HERE!