Look Your Best with McCoy’s Recycling Service

McCoy Jewelers know the sentimental value of your jewelry. We acknowledge your jewelry is more than just gold and gemstones. There are memories, history and emotion attached to each piece. That’s why we have a “recycling” program for your jewelry. Let us help you recreate your older styles into something new, fresh, and modern. We utilize your gemstones and possibly even your gold, allowing you to honor the heritage, while saying you money and producing a new piece to treasure.


Or, we can buy your jewelry from you. This allows us to continue to make beautiful jewelry using recycled gold, instead of mining for new precious material. This makes recycling a good option for you and our earth. Imagine, make some extra money while saving the earth!


So, bring your vision and your rings, earrings, bracelets, and chain down to see us today. We can help you reimagine a new life for your jewelry, then walk away with a new custom design to love for decades. Or, sell us your jewelry and have some extra money in your pocket. Either way, McCoy Jewelers will make it easy for you to recycle.


Come down to learn more about the process with our staff. We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 9AM-6PM.