Give the Gift of Quality Fine Jewelry

Online stores may seem to have the best deals on diamonds, gemstones, and gold pieces but make sure to beware, as the price you’re paying, reflects the quality of your piece.

This holiday season, spend the money to get your loved ones the quality fine jewelry they deserve. Online retailers have lower prices than other retail stores however, this doesn’t mean the quality is the same (or even up to standards).

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We have people come in with jewelry from online stores like Etsy and other shopping sites that have completely fallen apart, or is simply not what they ordered. This holiday season, avoid the frustration of not getting the quality or product you expected and shop local, at an award winning jeweler.

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At McCoy Jewelers, we always give you the best advice, products and service. We will never pressure or misguide you through your holiday purchases (or any for that matter). We want to help you get your loved ones jewelry that sparkles for a lifetime. Sure, our prices may not be as low as the online retailers, but our product will always be what you ask for with the highest quality.