McCoy's Takes On JCK Las Vegas

Jewelry, like everything else, is always involving. New technological advancements make it inevitable that the industry you’re in to face different changes through out the year. Going into the JCK show, we knew of different trends, styles, and technology that we wanted to seek out. They ranged from new designer lines to new machinery to help make the jewelry making process more efficient for our shop and clients.

Our days at the show were hectic. We had appointments scheduled with different vendors and also had a long list of things to check out each day. We challenged ourselves to have an open mind to everything and really focus on the wants and needs of our clients. We went to different talks throughout the day that spoke about the newest trends in jewelry, how to improve marketing, and how to make a lasting impression to our clients.

Walking through the showrooms, we saw so many beautiful designs and pieces that it was hard to stay on focused. We went through showrooms that had jewelry from all over the world like; Germany, Italy, and Spain to name a few. It was very interesting to see the different styles of the countries and cultures but also were able to see connections between the different styles.

Overall, our experience was wonderful. We were able to land a few different vendors and lines for the shop. We also were able to work with current vendors to get new pieces from their collections into the shop as well. Throughout the next few weeks we will be announcing the new vendors and items we have in store, we know that they will be the perfect addition to our tradition of excellence.  We are excited to see what new technologies, trends and styles are featured next year.


McCoy Jeweler named America's Coolest Store 2018

McCoy Jeweler named America's Coolest Store 2018

We’ve always thought we were cool but winning America’s Coolest Stores by InStore Magazine proved it. The America’s Coolest Store is a nationwide competition between jewelers. A panel of judges with expertise in design, jewelry, interior design, and architecture are instructed to critique the exterior, interior, marketing, online presence, individuality, and the story of the store. From there, the list is dwindled to 16 jewelers who are superior from the rest and named America’s Coolest Stores. There are two divisions; big and small. The categories are decided based on the number of employees at the jewelers.

americascoolest mccoyjeweler interior

Jewelers are allowed to enter as many years as it takes to be a winner. Though, you can only win once. We submitted our shop for the first time in 2018 and were chosen as a winner in 2018. We are one of three jewelers in the state of Iowa to ever win this award in the 16 years that InStore has been hosting the competition.

americascoolest mccoyjeweler exteriorbench

Judges praised McCoy Jewelers’ for our family vibe and historic location and feel. McCoy Jewelers started 45 years ago by Robert McCoy and is currently owned by one of his sons, Jonathan McCoy. The shop opened on Main Street in a struggling economic time for Dubuque and is currently sitting in the same location with original fixtures and structures to pay tribute to the start of the business. Beside the overall charm of McCoy Jewelers, judges loved the sales technique of the shop.

americascoolest mccoyjeweler familyowned

What really set us apart from the rest in the competition is the acronym that we live by; “ABC”. Meaning, always be changing , always be comfortable, and always be closing. Always be changing means that at McCoy Jewelers, we change with you. We change our strategy, technology, trends, etc. based on what the current needs and wants are for the community we are in. Always be comfortable means that we are relatable. We aren’t dressed in suits and our shop is more casual and relaxed. Lastly, always be closing, refers to that we promise to teach you about the jewelry you are inquiring about. We will never persuade you one way simply for more money. Often times, we persuade you to spend less.

americascoolest mccoyjeweler dogmarketing

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Give the Gift of Quality Fine Jewelry

Give the Gift of Quality Fine Jewelry

Online stores may seem to have the best deals on diamonds, gemstones, and gold pieces but make sure to beware, as the price you’re paying, reflects the quality of your piece.

This holiday season, spend the money to get your loved ones the quality fine jewelry they deserve. Online retailers have lower prices than other retail stores however, this doesn’t mean the quality is the same (or even up to standards).

nc emerald cut split shank with halo  

We have people come in with jewelry from online stores like Etsy and other shopping sites that have completely fallen apart, or is simply not what they ordered. This holiday season, avoid the frustration of not getting the quality or product you expected and shop local, at an award winning jeweler.

Organic 3

At McCoy Jewelers, we always give you the best advice, products and service. We will never pressure or misguide you through your holiday purchases (or any for that matter). We want to help you get your loved ones jewelry that sparkles for a lifetime. Sure, our prices may not be as low as the online retailers, but our product will always be what you ask for with the highest quality.

Jewelry Trends to Follow This Holiday Season

Jewelry Trends to Follow This Holiday Season

The holidays are quickly approaching which means the pressure to look your best is starting to rise. While you’re out getting your nails and hair done, make sure you don’t forget to focus on your accessories too!

2018 has brought new trends in fashion and jewelry. This holiday season we want you to look your best by keeping in mind these current trends in jewelry.

1. Hoop Earrings

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Statement earrings bring attention to your face. Try different hooped earrings in different shapes, colors, thickness, and size for a unique look with all your holiday styles. Hoop earrings can be all metal or have gemstones for different individual looks. They are the perfect option to really express your individuality and style!

2. Stackable Rings

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Make big statements with stackable fashion rings. These rings are meant to be bundled together for one unique look. You could also wear them on separate fingers for total separate looks. Try different metal colors to add extra personality and edge.

3. Everyday Wear Pendants

Shake Pendant 2

We get it, some jewelry pieces are just not meant to be worn every day. If you are looking to purchase new jewelry to finish your holiday looks, consider pieces that are meant to be worn every day. These looks are able to dress up or dress down your look and will always be the best final touch every day!

4. Pearls


Pearl earrings, necklaces and bracelets are a timeless addition to any outfit. Add pearl jewelry to your style for an instant sophisticated and breathtaking look. Pearls come in all sorts of colors, finishes and sizes. Choose the pearl that will work best for more than one look and let the beauty of the pearls do the rest!